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Price 5750544500
Length 09940
Width 027920
Height 03125

Street Workout еquipment develops

Over the past 10 years, workout training has become not just not just a way to spend time in the yard with old and gloomy equipment, today it is a serious sport. Young people around the world spend a lot of time on sports fields and try to exceed their capabilities, moving forward every day in self-development. The most popular today is Workout complexes combining the ability to train all muscle groups.

The advantage of sports equipment for workout.

Free access - the choice of time and place of training is always yours. It is especially important for those who do not want to spend time on trips to the gym and time in lines to the necessary simulator.

Sophisticated design - allows you to easily engage in completely different athletes. At the same time, the equipment is able to withstand severe types of loads, weight or atmospheric

Safety for such equipment is not an empty phrase. All products are subject to inspection and certification. What is confirmed by quality certificates.

What elements do sports complexes consist of.

• Crossbeams

• Bars

• Guides

• Swedish walls

• Gymnastic rings

• Benches for the press